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The Mission of Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary is to help humanity here in the Morongo Basin.  To accomplish our goals, we host two major fund-raising events.  The Desert Soirée and The Morongo Basin Orchid Festival.


The Desert Soiree benefits one 501-C3 nonprofit.  Over the last six years we have raised funds three times for the Boys and Girls Club of the Hi-Desert. Once each for the Armed Services YMCA, The Morongo Basin Humane Society, and Unity Home. 


The Morongo Basin Orchid Festival is a fundraising event that show cases many verified local 501-C3 Nonprofits.  Our goal is to give these verified nonprofits an opportunity to tell their story and garner support from the community at large.  The allocation of funding varies by the number of votes, what we call rotary bucks.  The Boys and Girls Club of the Hi-Desert and Armed Services YMCA receive major funding as they actively participate in the event.  Other Organizations include Morongo Basin Ambulance, Morongo Basin Community Response Team (CERTS), Morongo Basin Reach Out, and more as listed below.


Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary keeps a small portion of the proceeds to fund scholarships for High School Seniors going to college.  We select recipients that have made markable improvement in their academic studies.  These students were in the bottom 1/3 of there class and have moved up to the top 1/3. 


Our budget includes the flexibility to help other Nonprofits that are in need emergency assistance.  For example, the Morongo Basin Ambulance needed an IV pump, because their pump broke.  The pump was needed so they could continue to transport patients to a better equipped facility in the lower desert.  Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary donated the funds to purchase the pump, and within a week the ambulance was able to transport patients again.


Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary accomplishments in helping our Morongo Basin are numerous.  Something each member is very proud to be a part of.  Why not join with us?

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