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The Robbi Rob band- Performing at the Festival October 1st


Robbi points to the vast Mojave desert landscape and asks “ how does one play that on a guitar?”  again, at midnight he looks up at the milky way arching the desert sky and says: “look, the big music!”   It’s these sorts of journeys you will find yourself drawn into when listening to Robbs musical explorations. It is not uncommon to see toddlers whirling around on the dance floor in endless ecstatic circles, or grandfathers staring at the band nodding with wise approval.  Teenagers seeing their parent’s true colors for the first time breaking out on the dance floor!  Yes!  - No seat belt needed as Robbi delivers with locals Sam Wilmore on drums and Jim Yockey on bass, a bluesy, groovy desert rock and roll - a music for all ages! 


The Robbi Robb’and band, one of the best kept secrets of the desert music scene can be heard on the Neal Casal tribute album Highway Butterfly, alongside Warren Hayes, Billy Strings and Marcus King.  Billboard call them a pioneer of world rock music.  Music Street Journal says you can always count on the Robbi Robband for quality space rock music. Come on out and listen for yourself.  Enjoy craft beers, a glass of wine, and food galore.








On Sunday The Yucca Valley High School Band will be performing on Center Stage.  Jazz Band is an auditioned group of musicians, both instrumental and vocal, that perform different styles of jazz music. They perform in all of our YVHS Music Program concerts, as well as have an Evening of Jazz at the end of the year. The Jazz Band goes to festivals, such as the Orchid Festival and RCC Jazz Festivals. 


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