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A Festival Favorite- Joshua Tree Brewery


Brewmaster Dario Guerra of Joshua Tree Brewery is at it again.  He has brewed a new orchid beer called Maxillaria Cocos Dream Milkshake.  This new beer has a hint of coconut and goes down smooth. This is Dario's third orchid beer using three different genera of Orchids (technical term for orchid hobbyists).  It is believed that this IPA is the first fragrant Maxillaria beer brewed in the world.  Dario is excited about the newest beer that will be introduced at the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival October 7th and 8th.  


Festival 2019, Joshua Tree Brewery introduced the Shari Baby Beer.  The beer was wildly successful.  Shari Baby Beer has been a festival staple ever since. Shari Baby ale is an orchid-flavored beer that is brewed using the fragrant flowers of the dark maroon Oncidium Orchid, “Shari Baby - Sweet Fragrance”.  According to Chris Gubler. The aroma is similar to vanilla, although many say it is like smelling a box of expensive, delicately flavored box of chocolates.  You can see how the Shari Baby beer is made by clicking here  

Orchid Festival eight beer lineup includes:

Orchid Beers- all brewed with Orchid Flowers

Shari Baby Ale- Orchid fest favorite.

Fay Lee Golden Pixie IPA- brewed from the award winning orchid

Maxillaria Cocos Dream Milkshake IPA-Newest orchid beer.

Orchid beers are only available at the festival. JT Brewery  is 

donating 100% of the proceeds to the Festival non profits.  

Joshua Tree Brewery Favorites

Barker Dam Brown Ale

Desert Haze IPA

Jenelle Blonde Ale

white Sage Lavender Ale

Prickly Pear Seltzer

Come and enjoy this exciting new brews in the shaded comfort of the adults only Sunset Rotary Wine and Beer Pavilion. Joshua Tree Brewery is donating all the proceeds from both orchid beers and a significant percentage of the other beers to  benefit local high desert charities.    

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