The “Shari Baby” Orchid Beer Returns!


2019 Joshua Tree Brewery introduced the Shari Baby Beer.  The beer was wildly successful.  It was a sold out within a couple of hours.  A special Shari Baby beer run to Joshua Tree Brewery got the tappers flowing again for the remainder of the day.  


A beer made from an orchid?  Yes, indeed!  In march of 2019, Brew Masters Dario Guerra, and Jima Dunn of the Joshua Tree Brewing Company challenged Chris Gubler to come up with an orchid that could be used in the brewing process.  three months later, Dario, Jima and Chris brewed a test batch....The  very first Shari Baby Orchid Beer.  This orchid-flavored beer is brewed using the fragrant flowers of the dark maroon Oncidium Orchid, “Shari Baby - Sweet Fragrance”.  According to Chris Gubler, “The aroma is similar to vanilla, although many say it is like smelling a box of expensive, delicately flavored box of chocolates”. Brew masters Dario Guerra  of Joshua Tree Brewing company are the masterminds behind this innovative recipe.  You can see how the Shari Baby beer is made by clicking here  


Come and enjoy this exciting new beer in the shaded comfort of the Sunset Wine and Beer Garden. Shari Baby Orchid Beer will be served only in a commemorative glass for $15. The entire proceeds from the Shari Baby beer benefit local high desert Charities.  Joshua Tree Brewing will also be offering Watermelon, White Sage Lavendar, and a brown Ale beer.  All the sales from the Shari Baby Beer will go to Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary for distribution as well as a portion of the proceeds from the other flavors.  Thank You JT Brewery.     Guests must be 21 years of age or older.