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Plant Registration Form

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Date: October 7, 2023                    Location: 2200 Belfield Blvd., Landers, Ca.


Name of Show: Morongo Basin Orchid Festival


Exhibitors who do not want AOS judging must display a “Do Not Judge”

sign in their Orchid before judging.


Class: ____________________________   Section: _________________________


Genus and Plant Name: _______________________________________________


Varietal/Clonal Name: ________________________________________________


Parentage (AOS & CSA ONLY) __________________________________________


X _________________________________________________________________


Previous Awards received by this plant (AOS & CSA ONLY) ___________________


Name of Exhibitor: ___________________________________________________


Street: _____________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________________   Zip __________________


Phone No. __________________________________________________________


E-Mail _____________________________________________________________


Recipients of AOS awards are responsible for any fees charged

by the American Orchid Society.

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Click PDF to Get Registration Form 
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